Female breast

Following massive weight loss, a number of women are concerned about their breast. Breasts comprise mostly fat, and thus a dramatic weight loss makes breasts drop and look flat. Breast contouring is one of the most common reasons women with a huge weight loss visit our office.

In this patient group, breast augmentation differs from standard breast augmentation, i.e. in women with not weight fluctuations. Generally, it requires larger incisions to remove excess skin. Of course, there is a group of women whose weight loss has not severely impacted their skin, and a typical breast augmentation with a single minor incision would deliver the desired result.

This group of women were A to BB prior to weight loss. It should be noted that each case is different and is individually managed on the first consultation.

Breast lift or breast augmentation

If you’re thinking of correcting your breast, you should know that you may need either a breast lift or a breast augmentation or both. Keep in mind that when we say that you may also need implants, we do not refer to large breasts.

You should be aware that our role is to restore breast contour, and that’s why we discuss all options with you and take your desires into serious account.

Breast lift alone will lift your breast, but many women may not be pleased, possibly because their breast is still flat, and lack projection to look youthful.

Silicone implants

Typically, they restore lost breast volume due to dramatic weight loss and give breasts their natural look back.

Breast lift – breast reduction

 Many women had large breasts that weight loss made loose, while their large size is maintained. Thus, these women will have to undergo breast lift and breast augmentation. So, breast surgery following weight loss differs from woman to woman, and each case is individually managed at our office.


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