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Watch live the surgery you interested in performed by Dr Nodas Kapositas M.D, PhD, Athens, Greece.

Breast Lift-Mastopexy
Kapositas Plastic Surgery

Here, we perform breast lift surgery. You can see the breast markings prior to surgery live, and the necessary steps in order to achieve the final result.


Breast Augmentation
Kapositas Plastic Surgery

A case of breast enlargement for a 28 years-old woman with AA size. She wanted to enlarge to size C.
We used the infra-mammary incision and we placed via a sub-facial plane a 250 cc Cohesive I, medium profile silicone gel implant.


Breast reduction Live!
Kapositas Plastic Surgery

Presentation of the inferior pedicle technique for breast reduction surgery in a 38 years old woman


Breast asymmetry-breast balance
Kapositas Plastic Surgery

Case I: Breast reduction/lift to the right side without any surgery to the left breast.
Case II: In this case we did a breast augmentation to the right side and a breast reduction/lift to the left side.
Case III: In this case we did an asymmetric breast augmentation via an infra-mammary incision through a sub-facial plane and we put a 250 cc cohesive I silicone gel to the right side and a 275 cc silicone gel cohesive I to the left side


Liposuction Tumescent-Liposculpture

You will see here a typical case of minor tumescent Liposuction


Rhinoplasty - Septoplasty

An open approach to Rhinoplasty via a step incision. The open approach to Rhinoplasty is a more precise operation than the closed one, because the plastic surgeon is able to operate with accuracy and precision resulting in a better outcome. We show here the input of the cartilage grafts, the tip graft, the nasal tip surgery, the strut graft


Otoplasty - Ear Pinning Surgery

We demonstrate here a typical otoplasty operation with anterior cartilage scoring and a non-absorbable stitches of clear nylon.


Gynecomastia-male breast reduction

Gynecomastia surgery is very common operation between men. We demonstrate here a typical gynecomastia case class II.
We remove the extra tissue through a typical Webster incision 3-9 and a subcutaneous mastectomy.


Eyelid- Blefaroplasty

A typical eyelid surgery with removal of extra skin and eyelid bags with local anaesthesia and sedation


Tummy tuck-Abdominoplasty
Kapositas Plastic Surgery

We demonstrate here a classical tummy tuck operation with a new umbilicus.


Thigh lift
Kapositas Plastic Surgery

This video includes a typical case of thigh lift after a severe weight loss beacause of bariatric surgery.We also did a liposuction to have optimal results.


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