Lower body lift after massive weight loss

The procedure aims to change the form and shape of the lower half of the body after dramatic weight loss. So this procedure is called circular abdominoplasty or lower body lift.
Just think that removing excess skin may relieve you from 5 to 10 kg.

Who is a candidate for the procedure

Circular lower body lift applies to anyone with loose skin around the belly and the back. If you lost a lot of pounds being on diet or after bariatric surgery, and you have a good health status, then you are considered a good candidate for the procedure. .

Understanding the procedure

To understand the procedure and know what to expect from it, stand in front of a mirror and look ahead. Then, pull your belly skin to the back, one hand on each side, and see what you will look like after the procedure. Then, grab the skin on the front of your belly with the one hand and, having the other hand on your hip, pull it upwards.

 Finally, turn your back and lift your thighs.


After the procedure

A lower body lift surgery lasts about 5 hours. Most patients are hospitalized overnight. It is a major surgical procedure requiring significant recovery time. Recovery time varies from person to person. Most patients need 2-3 weeks to resume their professional activities and about 1 to 1 ½ month to feel perfectly well.

You need to wear a special belt for 6 weeks. You should have someone help you at home during the first postoperative days. After the surgery, you will be able to get up and walk right away. It is clear that to remove loose skin incisions should be made. The incisions typically heal well, but it also depends on one’s idiosyncrasies.

Each person having either bariatric or plastic reconstruction surgery may present infection, bleeding or thrombosis, which are rare but treatable complications.


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