Prominent earlobes

Definition:Πεταχτά λοβία αυτιών


Earlobes are located on the same line with the rest of the ear. There are cases where earlobes are incorrectly positioned in front of the ear. The defect is present at birth.

By examining the ear, a specialized plastic surgeon evaluates the position of the earlobe in relation with the rest of the ear. On many occasions, prominent ears are accompanied by prominent earlobes, and thus should be surgically manage in a single surgery.

Earlobe grading:

Α. mildly prominent earlobe towards the front
Β. prominent earlobe that is intensely protruding to the front and
C. prominent earlobe and twisting upwards.

Cases from Mr. Kapositas’s archives:

Grade A prominent earlobes

Grade B prominent earlobes

Grade C prominent earlobes

Our technique

Our technique depends on the type of the prominent earlobe. Grades A and B are managed by surgically removing a small skin islet and by applying special sutures through a minor incision on the back of the ear-lobe, with or without cartilage reshaping that may be involved in the malformation.

In grade C cases, our technique combines:

  1. The removal of a skin islet, as much as needed
  2. The specialized process of the cartilage, mainly in the area of the antitragus, i.e. the part of the cartilage involved in the malformation, whereas in some cases, it s removal is deemed necessary for a successful surgical outcome.

After the surgery

Universally, the skin is closed with sutures that are removed 12 days later.

At the end of the procedure, the surgical wound is covered with a bandage for 24-48 hours, both in prominent ears and prominent earlobes cases. Following the removal of bandaging, the patient may wash his/her hair. All operated patients are on antibiotics both during the procedure and for a few days after it (oral antibiotics).



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