Women choose liposuction to achieve an hourglass figure

The famous TV show “Mad Men” may have a greater impact than fashion itself.

Some plastic surgeons based in London say they have witnessed an increase by 54% in patients seeking this procedure in order to resemble the figure of an hourglass, a typical characteristic of the female stars of the TV show, which takes place in the 1960s.

Experts say that women had smaller waistlines 50 years ago, and they wore corsets to feature their tiny waist.

Poor nutrition and modern lifestyle have made this work difficult, even for relatively thin women.

Medical experts say that liposuction can help patients get this result by removing persistent medullary fat, which neither healthy eating nor exercise can eliminate.

Other areas that can benefit from the procedure are the armpits, belly and thighs.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the procedure is one of the most common ones performed by plastic surgeons.

Persistent fat is removed from the body through a hollow metal tube which is inserted via a small incision.

While complications caused by liposuction are rare, it is really important that you consult an experienced plastic surgeon in order to ensure the outcome.



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