Blepharoplasty typically lasts for less than 2 hours, and this depends on the work needed every time.
Following the surgery, you remain in the recovery room for monitoring, while we apply ice pads on you to reduce swelling (edema) and bruising.
As soon as this procedure is over, you are ready to go home. Preventive antibiotics are administrated after all blepharoplasties along with mild analgesics (like Depon). Aspirin intake is prohibited.

During the first 2 postoperative days, you should sleep on a double pillow and avoid strenuous activities. Antiseptic solution should be applied on the incisions on the eyelids, according to our instructions.
Swelling and bruising manifest on the eyelids during the first 48 hours. From the 3rd onwards, apply lukewarm chamomile on your eyelids to remove any formed blood crusts and clean the incisions. Incisions should be clean during suturing removal, which takes place on the 4th to 5th postoperative day.

Bruising lasts for a week and gradually resolves. Pain is minimal and your eyes may be watery for a few days. Dry eyes are managed with a special ointment. You may resume your professional activities one week after the surgery.

All of our patients are give the following postoperative advice:




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