Choosing the right breast implant size: a matter of Aesthetics in breast augmentation

Breast augmentation helps a woman choose her breast size; it is that breast size that, according to her opinion, improves her appearance and boosts her self-confidence. Yet, there are women who have second thoughts after the surgery and request a second augmentation surgery to get their ideal breast surgery. But this additional surgery is not risk-free, so plastic surgeons always find ways to help the patient choose the right size prior to the initial surgery.

In a recent clinical study on 1,350 breast augmentation surgeries in the USA demonstrated that the majority of women were satisfied with their implant size, yet 34% of them requested their implants replaced. Most of these patients opted for larger breast implant sizes. It should be noted here that large implants may result in a disproportionate breast image compared to the rest of the body.

If a woman wants excessively large implants, then the plastic surgeon must carefully consider whether to proceed with the surgery or not.

While there are several ways to help a woman choose the right implant size, most plastic surgeons agree that the diameter of the breast base is the key to measuring and determining the right implant size. Commonly, after measuring the breast base, we hold a round template and show the patient the implant size applicable to her body.

This gives the patient the opportunity to see that a larger implant does not fit with her breast. In general, today we choose larger implants compared to those in the 70s and 80s.

This is due to the enlarged female figure, i.e. nowadays women are taller and have a wider chest compared to 30 years ago.


How do I consider all parameters regarding the implant size prior to breast augmentation?

  1.  Right from the start, be open and sincere when discussing with your plastic surgeon on implant size
  2. Choose those photos from magazines that best depict your ideal breast and show them to your plastic surgeon. It is a good way to start the discussion on the size you wish. But be careful to choose photos showing women with a body shape similar to yours
  3. Do not determine the implant size based on your bra size. Sizes vary depending on the fabric and manufacturer. (Cup size )
  4. Dr Kapositas’s implant size choosing process:
    1. When visiting the doctor’s office, have with you or wear a body or a tight-fitting blouse.
    2. This will help choosing the right implant size.
    3. We have a number of silicone implants of all sizes in our office (Mentor corp: Cohesive Silicone Gel: I, II, tear drop, high profile, moderate profile, Low profile) Your personal desire on the breast size is really crucial.
    4. We measure the distance between the areolas and the sterna notch, as well as the thickness of the skin of the existing breast under the areola, on the upper, lower, internal and external poles. We also measure the chest dimensions of every woman (body type – chest-height proportions).
    5. We measure the distance between the areola and the new position of the submammary line (visualized line under the breast).
    6. We proceed with taking implants of several sizes and placing them under the body or the tight-fitting blouse so that both the surgeon and the candidate patient visualize the size of her new breast. Usually, we determine the size range, e.g. (250-275 cc). This size range is then recorded in the patient’s medical file and, on the day of the surgery, we choose the applicable size that will deliver the most natural-looking result. At the same time, we make sure that the breast feels soft on palpation and no one understands the difference.
    7. Computer software is helpful, but a plastic surgeon’s experience is of vital importance.
  5. Be realistic. Large is not always good. Excessively large implants not only distort body proportions, they are also susceptible in sagging and bad appearance at a later time.

In the light of the above, one should go for those implants that best suit her body shape. Women opting for smaller implants acquire better body-breast proportions in the short- and long-term, compared to women opting for large implants. 



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