How can I have a successful breast augmentation?

The basic element of a successful breast surgery is the search of the suitable plastic surgeon.

Visit the most popular board certified plastic surgeon that specialize in the field and study their ‘before-after’ photos on their websites.

It would be good to visit the surgeon and make sure that you receive a comprehensive evaluation on the procedure, risks and options regarding silicone implants and incision sites.

Make sure he spends enough time with you.

It is crucial to find a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with, from the moment you enter his office to the moment you are discharged. It is really important that the surgeon listens to your desires and he is board certified by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery (A.S.A.P.S)

.He must be willing to answer all your questions, show you pre- and post-operative photos from his archives and allow you to speak to a previous patient of his who underwent the same operation.
Thus, you will be able to assess the surgeon’s integrity and honesty. The next basic step is to see multiple photos of previously operated patients.

You must examine whether the photos reflect what you really want. Make sure your surgeon is highly experienced with the procedure and performs it on a regular basis. The best way to search for the most appropriate plastic surgeon is to start asking for recommendations from your friends and doctors.

The search results and the credential you have collected will help you decide which surgeon to choose.


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