How long before surgery should I start searching for a plastic surgeon?

I am interested in breast implants. How long before surgery should I start searching for a plastic surgeon?

Sutton L. Graham, II, M.D., FACS :

It is really wise of you to consider.

My best advice would be to contact the plastic surgeons’ offices you have found and ask them the same question because times from consultation to operation vary.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to choose an experienced plastic surgeon and elaborate all available treatment options with him as it is more than sure that this will help you have a better recovery prior to any future planned activities you may have. 

Robert T. Buchanan, M.D :

I would recommend studying your local plastic surgeons that perform this procedure.

Have a good look on their website, the ‘before-after’ photo gallery, to make sure that they are skilled enough to carry out such a procedure in a certified medical establishment and have a sufficient preview of what your final results will be. Having chosen a pool of surgeons, visit them the soonest possible.

Start with the one first on your list. During consultation, you will find out if you feel comfortable with him, if your concerns were properly addressed and, of course, if the surgeon matches the online description.

If you feel unsatisfied with him, you have plenty of time to find someone else, with whom you do feel more comfortable and convinced that he deliver the desired results. Remember, the best surgeons are usually fully booked.

Shady Hayek, M.D :

It depends on the surgeon and the facility he performs the procedure in.

The most important step is to search for a reliable plastic surgeon in your area.

I recommend visiting the ASAPS website to make sure that your surgeon has the adequate expertise and is well-trained to do his job. Next, you must decide on implant size –remember! Do not fall for numbers! What may look good on you, does not necessarily mean that it fits other bodies, too.

The best way is to get a clear idea during consultation of what your body will look like after the procedure and discuss on the burden your shoulders may get from augmentation.

Finally, make sure your surgeon has answered all of your questions. Sometimes, a consultation prior to the day of the surgery is really useful as it will help you soothe any last minute concerns .

Daniel C. Mills, II, M.D., FACS :

 Every surgeon works on a different schedule. Breast augmentation is a quick procedure, so it can be carried out in the surgeon’s medical practice, in about 2-3 weeks.

Others operate only once a week, and so their fully booked for 2 months in advance.

Getting more information is never a bad idea… When in doubt, it is the best time to visit the surgeon.

Luis Jose Lopez Tallaj, M.D :

 It depends on the surgeon you choose and how busy he may be.

If he is not on a heavy schedule, then you need at least a week prior to the procedure to undergo all pre-op check-ups and prepare yourself for the upcoming surgery. You should definitely choose an ASAPS member.

Michael Law, M.D :

 Take your time and go through the plastic surgeons’ websites.

Check on their credentials and view a great number of ‘before-after’ images; this will help you narrow down your options. If a surgeon’s website contains a lot and natural-looking augmented breast, then this surgeon could be the one you want.

Start visiting plastic surgeons at several months prior to the date you wish to have your surgery on.


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