Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation

The term Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation was coined by plastic surgeon Dr. Ghavami who works in Beverly Hills. It refers to a technique aimed at reducing restoration time and ordeal caused by breast augmentation surgery. The idea is based on innovative techniques for rapid recovery and philosophy, first published by Dr. John Tebbetts. Through Dr. Tebbetts’ research, it has been shown that breast augmentation recovery can be reduced to less than 24 hours if certain techniques are applied on the right candidate!

Breast enhancement surgery is typically performed by creating a pocket for the implant under the muscle. This can be accomplished either by blunt incision that can involve prying and tearing the tissues with invasive instruments, or even with the surgeon’s fingers.

Unfortunately, such methods may induce more damage than needed on the surrounding tissue of muscles and breast, and they may extent healing time and postoperative pain.

Based on this philosophy, operation procedures have changed in the field of plastic surgery in the USA over the last 20 years. In Greece, the atraumatic breast surgery was first introduced by Dr Kapositas back in 1998. Dr. Kapositas uses microdiathermy and so the surgery is less traumatic and recovery is faster, especially in breast augmentation.

We believe that the volume or size of the implant should not be excessive in relation with the patient’s tissues. The implant size is determined through high precision dimensional breast tissue analysis and stretching potential. This gives the breast a natural look which is not excessive or fake. Elegant cosmetic surgery ensures that the patients have natural-looking breasts which are in complete harmony with their body.
This system for measuring breast and soft tissue dimensions is used to dictate the applicable implant size and shape for each patient individually. The results each patient receives are personalized and in accordance with their special characteristics and body type.

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