Liposuction is rising - ASAPS

Having spent many years on the top of plastic surgery charts, breast augmentation is no longer the most popular procedure in the USA. According to 2013 statistics, liposuction is the new trend. Plastic surgeons that practiced near Syracuse, have observed the change, which also noticed and documented by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

It claims that, since 2012, there was an increase by 16% in liposuction procedures, with a total of 363,912 perfumed last year. Behind this increasing demand in liposuction, lie some good reasons, such as:

Surgical techniques marketing:

As in many fields in surgery, liposuction grows in improvement year by year. New techniques, constantly under development, make surgery and recovery easier. Surgeons can use these special improvements done in the field of liposuction, break fat before they aspire it, and avoid causing damage to adjacent tissue. The aesthetic results are also improving, and now plastic surgeons can create elegant and beautiful body lines on their patients.

Male patients increase in number:

Among female patients in 2013, breast augmentation was the most popular procedure. However, among all patients (both male and female), liposuction prevailed. This is partially due to the increased number of male patients.

A lot of plastic surgeons attribute this increase to male plastic surgery, reduction of social stigma, and an increasingly competitive labor market. Liposuction, was the top surgical procedure in men, as it helps them achieve the physique they have always wanted in a rather easier way.

According to ASAPS’s statistics, men represent 14% of all liposuctions, but only 9% of all plastic surgery procedures.

The increasing demand in fat grafting:

Fat grafting, i.e. transferring fat from one body part to another, also contributes in the increase of liposuction, given it is the first step in fat transferring. Recently, surgeons have made great progress in using the removed fat tissue. They can enhance one’s face, breast, thighs and other body areas. Fat grafting witnessed an explosive growth by 9% from 2012 to 2013.

Check the statistics published by ASAPS to find more on the rise of liposuction and receive information on any advances in the field of plastic surgery. As with any other procedure, if you are thinking of having a liposuction, you should consult a board certified plastic surgeon and get information on the available options.



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