Which is the ideal breast size?

Beauty is subjective and differs to the eyes of different people.

Beauty factors differ from one civilization to the other, and they have changed with time and fashion influences. In ancient sculptures and in the Indian art, we see images of women with full round breasts.

Breasts are still in fashion in India, particularly for women wearing special clothes and saris. West, on the other hand, has witnessed many changes in the fashion industry and modeling – changes that relate to the size of the breast.

Over the last one hundred years of fashion, we have seen a variety of sizes, from flat chest to large breasts with breast augmentation surgeries.

Breasts must be in harmony with the rest of the body and it should be formed in such a way that fits perfectly with our body shape.

Το στήθος πρέπει να βρίσκεται σε αρμονία με το υπόλοιπο σώμα και πρέπει να το διαμορφώσουμε έτσι ώστε να δένει με το σώμα.

Chest perimeter, shoulders’ distance and cu size should coordinate with the waist and hips, and generally with the whole body, in order to have a harmonious, functional and beautiful body.

A 75 C cup size on a woman with narrow shoulders and narrow waist may look full and more beautiful than a 80 or 85 C size that may look small on a woman with wide shoulders and wider waist, probably looking better with a 80-85 D or DD cup size.

The size of the breast is commonly worldwide referred to as Cup Size . Cups C and D are the most common ones. C is a medium and pleasing cup size and fits to the average of women. B may seem sufficient for a small, athletic woman or a woman in the modeling industry (catwalk).

Many women in the West like B or C cup. D fits better on women with wide shoulders. A lot of women seek larger sizes, Indian type, and are usually married with children. Younger single women usually go for smaller breasts.

Thus, when we build a woman’s body, the size of the breast is quite significant, because if the arms and shoulders or belly and hips are wider, then the breast should be bigger in order to achieve the right profile (see photos)

In thinner women, a relatively smaller breast size will deliver the same appearance and balance on the body, and it will make the breast look fuller.

The ideal breast is also determined by one’s lifestyle. Women who engage in sports activities should have a medium-sized breast.

Women who wear loose clothes must have bigger breasts. Western women wear tight fitting clothes and thus they should have medium-sized breasts.

Women in the show business prefer larger breasts, save for models on catwalk that must have smaller breasts to feature designers’ clothes. .

This group also comprises photo-models, commercial models and promotion models. Their job needs are different and so the applicable breast size differs according to their chest dimensions and their body shape in general.

A top British plastic surgeon, studied topless models. His mission was to study their breasts in order to find the mathematical proportions of the perfect breast.

Many people can say that the perfect breast is a matter of personal preference and that its first material is not scientific, but, according to Mail on-line, in the issue of 15 October 2011, when female mockups are presented based on these equations, most women agree that statistics are really crucial.

The said leading plastic surgeon conducted a 3-month study analyzing 100 topless models in order to determine the exact factors making a woman’s breast more attractive.

He applied computer-aided measurement to examine the dimensions of the areas above and below the nipple, as well as the angle at which the nipple points and the slope of the upper pole.

The study demonstrated that in all cases, the nipple ‘‘meridian’’ – the horizontal line drawn at the level of the nipple – lay at a point where, on average, the proportion of the breast above it represented 45 % of overall volume of the breast and below it 55%.

The ratio is 45:55. “In the majority of cases the upper pole was either straight or concave, and the nipple was pointing skywards at an average angle of 20 degrees. In all cases the breasts demonstrated a tight, convex lower pole – a neat but voluminous curve”.

Many women seek breast surgery after pregnancy to restore the lost breast volume and they ask their surgeons to “fill” the upper pole.

However, when women are shown a breast image fitting the 45:55 ratio and a second one with fuller breasts, few of them go for the second image.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation is the most popular aesthetic plastic surgery.

Merely asking a woman to state her desired breast size is not enough; and this is where a highly specialized plastic surgeon’s experience matters in breast augmentation.

Watch some of our operated female patients in an artistic shooting with clothes, one year after their breast surgery. It will help you understand that to obtain the ideal size we carefully consider her body type, her personal desire regarding the size, her opinion on the aesthetics of her future breast, her lifestyle; and all that are combined with a plastic surgeon’s extensive experience on breast augmentation procedures..



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