Breast Augmentation from A to Z: from the ASPS

The average patient wishing a breast augmentation is 34 years old, married and has at least a college degree. About 94% of these women are satisfied with their decisions, 92% would certainly recommend the procedure to others, while 82% reports boost of self-esteem. The number of women undergoing the procedure has tripled since 1997, and more than 2/3 chooses silicone over saline implants.

The most common reasons which led them to undergo a breast augmentation surgery included:

  1. Looking better without clothes (91 %)
  2. Fitting better in clothes (84 %)
  3. Having larger breasts (84 %)
  4. Feeling better with one’s self (81 %)
  5. Boosting self-esteem (79 %)
  6. Eliminating low self-esteem (74 %)

Some facts you may not know:



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